Education for all

There is an urgent need to focus on the educational needs of deprived children in urban areas. Recent studies indicate the growing problem of schooling of poor children in urban areas. Urban areas have special problems like the education of street children , the children who are rag pickers , children whose parents are engaged in professions that make children’s education difficult, education of children living in urban working slums, children working in households, tea shops etc. Past 15 years organization involved with deprived children literacy programme and organized various programme such as elementary education counseling for parents to enroll girls in nearby schools policy advocacy for the school enrolment of targeted children, made intense intervention on the subject with concerned Govt. officials education department, with a view to regularize the education of urban deprived children so that the end of the day the country is benefitted with increase in literacy level of citizen. International Centre for Women and Child is promoting a healthy environment for the mission for the all round development of children specially those belonging to weaker section of society by empanelment with UEE to serve the unreached children, work for a social cause. Ultimately one step forward for the over all development of the country.

Through education only one can make separate identity. It is most important in life like our basic needsfood, clothes and shelter. By the means of education only one’s potential can be Used to maximum extent. Education tells men how to think, how to work properlyhow to make decision. Its education which transforms a person to live a better lifeand more importantly a socially well being.Since the core area of intervention of International Centre for Women & Child is to promote development issues related to women and child welfare.