ICWC is deeply concerned to ensure social justice and individual dignity of women who are often referred as the ‘weaker sections of the society’. The guiding principle of the organization is to empower the women population through the provision of equal opportunities to them for their multi-dimensional growth in terms of capabilities and capacities as the major partners of the process of nation building.

The organization’s commitment is further strengthened by the observation of the existing plight of most of the women in India which continues to be quite miserable. Similarly, its dedication remains steadfast as strong as ever, given that majority of children of our country are brought up in most deplorable conditions and the process of their blossoming as the hopes of the future is nipped into bud.

Essentially, ICWC’s ethoses provide achievement motivation to remove such inequalities from our society and thereby to build a strong India through the fruitful participation of all sections of the women and children at the national and international level.