The emergence of International Centre for Women and Child (ICWC) symbolizes a model of organizational growth from multi-dimensional rural development agency to specific community service oriented academic institution. In fact, its foundation stone was laid to spread Sulabh’s universal sanitation message to the rural areas and to evolve innovative models of participatory research, training and development for their nationwide replication, as it was then known as “Sulabh International Institute of Rural Development, Research and Training (SIIRDRT)”.

In effect, ICWC was perceived and planned to provide an ideal opportunity to women and children, both of urban and rural areas, to participate in the mainstream of nation building not only as the key architects of a developed nation but also as the major stakeholders of the globally acknowledged leader of economic prosperity and social equality. In overall, the genesis of the organization was the result of an unshakable belief to add value to the world at large to make it a better place to live