Key Activities

International Centre for Women and Child makes sustained efforts for all-around development of women and children who are the worst and most silent sufferers in the societal hierarchy of India. The organization provides model programmes and projects encompassing major issues in the area of training and capacity building, welfare and support services and awareness generation and gender sensitization. It shapes local agenda to suit particular community needs and identifies opportunities for changing the attitude and role of women to give them greater control over their lives.

ICWC has, however, identified some ‘Core areas of intervention’ which are listed below under the same caption:-


• To undertake development issues related to women and child
• To ensure water and sanitation facility to all
• To promote sanitation and community health through schools
• To raise the issues relating violence against women
• To provide forums for dialogue and consensus building among key decision making leaders, issue experts and programme specialists
• To arrange media outreach to influence opinion and generate news coverage of events
• To set up vocational training centers for unprivileged women to provide better avenues of sustenance
• To encourage participation in coalition and partnership to advocate policies which improve the lives of women and child
• To conduct information, education and communication (IEC) programmes in health, hygiene, environmental sanitation, water , women empowerment etc
• To organize developmental activities for community development
• To educate women about their rights to fight atrocities
• To support efforts for compulsory registration of marriage
• To work for compulsory education for girl child
• To take up the cause of reservation for women in jobs
• To hold women and child related seminars, conferences, symposia etc
• To provide training to women and young girls on self defence.
• To create proper opportunities of gainful employment for women of weaker section particularly scavenging community and to generate self sustained economy at grassroots level
• To implement programmes on social forestry safe drinking water, water conservation etc.
• To carry out surveys and provide analysis on issue such as health, hygiene, sanitation, health nutrition, education work, environment, employment etc. related to women and child.
• To construct or get constructed individual two pit pour flush, compost household toilets in the individual houses as well as in public places.
• To construct and get constructed public toilets with urinal and facilities like washing and bathing.
• To arrange for training and making trained mesons available on the institutions, villages and city dwellers from time to time as and when needed.
• To convert or get converted bucket toilets into twin pit pour flush compost toilet in the individual houses as well as in public places.
• To promote the livelihood projects and its activities at national and international levels.
• To liberate scavengers from manual scavenging and rehabilitate them by imparting training in various vocations for better livelihood option.
• To undertake all kinds of work related with slim clearance and environmental sanitation.