Rural Sanitation

The sanitation crisis is an issue which International Centre for Women and Child is committed in addressing as access to basic sanitation and good hygiene is a human right.

That’s why, ICWC thinks that women and girls don’t need toilets and bathroom just for defection, but they also have a much greater need for privacy and dignity. The focus is to ensure that women and girls are able to participate in decision making and express their priorities and perspectives. Women and girls place higher value on the need for a private toilet than men, and thus are often willing to devote household resources to gaining such access.

Poor sanitation is an issue that can affect everyone but women are often the most at risk. The organization has great empathy with the far reaching impact that can have on all aspects of women’s life from childhood through to motherhood and beyond. A lack of access to a clean, safe toilet can impact girls’ attendance at school, increase women burden of work and leave females at risk of sanitation borne disease and even violent assault.

The focus of ICWC is:-
• Improving birth survival rates with sanitation and good hygiene
• Helping more children reach the age of 5
• Keeping children in school
• Giving girls privacy when they start menstruating
• Keeping women safe from attack, keeping women in the work place

Total Toilet Constructed by ICWC