International centre for Women and Child (ICWC) has a vision of achieving equality and justice, with the unswerving attention to Women Sanitation and Gender Equity. The organization finds its vision in total alignment to the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji’s call for “Clean India”. Giving great respect of PM’s words, we wish to put all constructive efforts for hygiene and sanitation management because of its practical importance for the development of mankind.

Furthermore, our strong thrust is on child care and education, with a view to ensure mainstreaming of our next generation in the process of nation building. ICWC endeavors to contribute a significant share to the collective efforts of the world community to ensure an aura of dignity on the face of every woman, besides enabling every child to grow as a responsible stakeholder of the ongoing process of human development.

Our organization’s main focus is to contribute for sustainable sanitation solutions with pollution free environment protection, construction, operation and maintenance of sanitation services, low cost sanitation and serve the purpose of “Toilet for all”. In essence, ICWC’s main objective is to promote rural and urban sanitation, and it’s working in that direction with close association of Sulabh International Social Service Organization and promoting Sulabh Sanitation movement.