Women Empowerment

The status of women in society is a subject which raises concern as a whole. The growing influx of migrant population, mounting growth of slums/resettlement colonies, adverse sex ratio of girls and it declining trend, low female work participation rate, high incidences of violence and crime against women, disturbingly high prevalence of anemia amongst women along with other areas of vulnerabilities such as TB, reproductive errors, protein malnutrition- lend challenging dimension to the work required to be done to make the society more women friendly.

International Centre for Women and Child focuses on to establish an institutional mechanism to improve women health, to impart skill for specific trade enabling women to be a part of productive work force to obtain good remuneration. The organization works for linking existing government schemes for women and to enable women to access it better. More so, it endeavors to raise awareness on issue of relevance and provide legal literacy about women right.

Similarly, ICWC provides assistance for seeking help to any women with grievance by contacting the concerned department regarding all relevant schemes of the government of Delhi and the central government pertaining to women.

Above all, ICWC strives hard for making Delhi safe for women through social legal and economic empowerment.